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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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a Tty ways are past knowing, Ml of cosapassioa, Supreme Intelligence
unapproachable, unfathonmbla beyond tha cognizance of the senseSj mofing

in fashion mysterious*

" A lion, most mighty in strength and courage, dies of hunger i- a snake
fills his belly without labour and without exertion.

tt How a straw sinks in- the water, now a stone loats : he plants an ocean
in the desert, a flood fills it all round.

" The empty is filled, the full is upset, by his grace it is filled again ; the
lotos blossoms from the rock and ire burns in the water,

w A fci"ng becomes a beggar and again a beggar a king with umbrella
OTer his head : eren the guiltiest (says Siir Dis) in an instant is saved, if the
Lorf helps him the least"

The second piece, in a somewhat similar strain, is by Dimodar D&s ;

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e9 my sool, adore Kaad-lala (i. e., Krishna), whether liring in the

or in the woods (i &, whether a man of the world or a sennit), there is
no other help to lay hold of.

 Hi Twky the Porfnas, and tie Law dedare that nothingis better than
ins | eTy dmy honour increase fonr-foU^ like the moon in its degree